The prevailing republican social media narrative is one of partisan suppression. They allege that Facebook and Twitter, as part of a left-wing Silicon Valley ecosystem, censor republican voices on their platforms. Politicians like Rand Paul and Josh Hawley, pundits like Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens, and non-famous, everyday republicans all cry censorship when social media companies don’t allow violent rhetoric, COVID-19 misinformation, and election falsehoods to run rampant on their sites.

Just this week, the Trump campaign’s Director of Social Media, Mike Hahn, offered up the following proof of anti-republican bias: in a 14-day period Twitter flagged 100 of Donald…

Another week, another unarmed black man killed in the street by a police officer for seemingly no reason (though we all know the reason). This comes on the heels of a black woman getting murdered in her home by police, which comes on the heels of a black man gunned down while jogging, which comes on the heels of decades upon decades of white supremacy and police brutality terrorizing black and brown people in this country.

The reaction of many white people and police to these injustices continues to be “Not me.”

Counterpoint: Yes, you.

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When the Catholic church’s child…

This week we observed International Holocaust Remembrance Day, reflecting on the genocide of some six million European Jews. While the day passed with somber moments of reverence and acknowledgement by people of all political stripes, some of the important lessons of the Holocaust have still gone ignored.

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Antisemitism is on the rise in the United States. The Anti-Defamation League recorded 1,879 antisemitic acts in 2018, a marked increase in physical antisemitic assaults, and the most deadly attack on Jews in U.S. history at the Tree of Life Synagogue. …

Listening to republican coverage of the 2020 election is to be bombarded with threats of socialism and fear of the Radical Left. Healthcare for all? Extremist. Gun control? Unconstitutional. Free public college? kRaZy.

The policy vision of the collective “Left” — to the extent that there is one — can only seem radical if you accept the current American status quo as unradical. A quick review of the state of our union in key 2020 policy areas paints a more accurate picture of the American status quo, and why a Radical Left agenda is desperately needed.

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  • Currently, an estimated…

Trump Derangement Syndrome, n.
Pronunciation: (NAmE) /trʌmp/ /dɪˈreɪndʒmənt//ˈsɪndroʊm/
Etymology: Conservatives with severe lapses in memory and logic

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A common assertion among conservatives is that Trump is treated more unfairly by the media, political pundits, and opposition lawmakers/voters than any other president. They say that those who reprehend Trump are afflicted with “Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).” TDS is the Harvard of diseases- it’s selectively reserved for the out-of-touch liberal elite. …

Empathy and compassion seem to be at an all-time low for republican lawmakers increasingly hell-bent on rewarding the vastly wealthy and powerful while stripping away the needs of our most vulnerable populations. However, there are always salient examples of conservative politicians deviating from the party line when those views have real-life implications on their families: Dick Cheney with LGBTQ rights, Nancy Reagan with stem-cell research, Jeb Bush with immigration, etc.

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Building on this casuistry, a common liberal tactic (one I have used many times) is to try to foster conservative empathy by framing policies through the lens of personal interest:

It has been 17 years since the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, a massive loss of life that we continue to grieve today.

For 17 years, American lawmakers and citizens have co-opted the reflection and reverence due on this day to advance a garish strain of faux patriotism that uses 9/11 as cover to submit to our basest, fear-driven politics.

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9/11 brought out our absolute worst instincts as a nation: imperialism, bigotry, erosion of civil liberties. And it continues to be invoked today to defend these abhorrent American impulses, all under the banner of national security. We…

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