Listening to republican coverage of the 2020 election is to be bombarded with threats of socialism and fear of the Radical Left. Healthcare for all? Extremist. Gun control? Unconstitutional. Free public college? kRaZy.

The policy vision of the collective “Left” — to the extent that there is one — can only seem radical if you accept the current American status quo as unradical. A quick review of the state of our union in key 2020 policy areas paints a more accurate picture of the American status quo, and why a Radical Left agenda is desperately needed.

Photo by Connor Betts on Unsplash


Higher Education




Income Inequality

The Environment

Racial Inequality

LGBTQ+ Issues

This is the status quo Republicans want to preserve — or worse, advance — and what progressive policies attempt to redress. By comparison, the Radical Left agenda — Medicare for All, debt-free college, protections for marginalized groups, gun control — isn’t just unradical, it’s downright necessary. This is not how other advanced nations live; many of these problems are uniquely American.

An interesting piece by Sahil Chinoy of the New York Times documents just how far to the right America’s Republican Party has deviated from the West’s political center, outflanking many Canadian and European conservative parties, and approaching closer alignment with right-wing fringe groups. The GOP’s embrace of white nationalism, imperialism, failed supply-side economic theories, and religious fanaticism has made republican politicians radicals among their international conservative peers. By contrast, the U.S. Democratic Party is much nearer to the center.

Don’t believe the right-wing hysteria, the Fox propaganda attempting to frighten you into believing the myth of a Radical Left agenda. Rest assured, Americans already live in radical times.

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